Key Features

History Browser

The History Browser feature provides guided navigation access to a directory of military history resources that have been classified using various topics - by Subject, Type, Organization, etc. This approach means you do not have to know what terms to search for or even whether specific information exists. The Browser allows you to quickly navigate from high-level groupings (e.g., Wars, Battles and Conflicts) to narrower subjects (e.g., Battle at Duck Lake). (More on how to use the History Browser...)


The Timeline feature supports access to military history resources organized by historical date - from 1000 AD to 2000 AD. Two versions of the Timeline are provided: a text-based timeline on the non-Flash version of the Gateway, and; an interactive, graphical timeline on the Flash Web site. (More on how to use the Timeline...)


The Search feature provides the ability to search for military history resources based on specific words you enter in a text box. If more than one word is entered, there is the option to search for all of the words, any of the words, or an exact phrase. (More on how to use to Search...)


The Glossary feature, accessible from the Left Navigation Bar, displays an alphabetical list of military terms and their definitions.

An alphabetical menu is provided to help you manoeuvre through the glossary. Select the letter at the beginning the word you want to look up. All words starting with that letter will be listed and you can scroll through the results.

If the results require more than one page, the page numbers are listed beneath the alphabet and you can click on a number to go directly to that page. To move forward through the pages in order, click on NEXT. To move backwards through the pages in order, click on BACK.