The Organization of New France

Staff Officers

The Staff of the Navy Troops

The royal coat of arms of France

Caption: The royal coat of arms of France

The staff of the Navy troops always included a surgeon, a chaplain, a clerk to keep the registers, and a drum-major. Although the Compagnies franches de la Marine were independent from each other, their rising numbers eventually required a staff similar to that of a battalion, including a few senior officers. On March 17, 1687, the governor general created the rank of "commandant of the troops in Canada" 72 to which was added that of the major of the troops in 1691. These officers were responsible for parades, discipline and administrative work. After the War of Spanish Succession, this small staff was considered to be less necessary. The rank of commandant was done away with in late 1714, and that of major in May, 1743. The town governors and their garrison staffs then took over these functions.