The First Soldiers of New France

The Battle Of Long Sault

A Legendary Battle

It was in this atmosphere that occurred the adventure of Adam Dollard des Ormeaux and his 16 companions, consecrated the "saviours of New France" by one wave of Canadian historiographers, who practically canonized them, before being deprecated by a second wave as little more than profiteers searching for booty in the form of a load of furs! Fortunately, this debate has now calmed down. The military aims of the expedition undertaken by Sieur des Ormeaux, the young commander of the Montreal garrison, did not by any means exclude the possibility of making a profit if he and his companions succeeded in appropriating some furs. At this time, it was considered normal and totally legitimate for victors to seize booty, and nobody, from kings to simple men-at-arms, was deprived of this opportunity. Wages were not always paid regularly, as in today's armies, and booty was seen as a kind of bonus, regulated by the custom requiring that the shares be proportionate to one's military rank.