Uniforms and Arms


British 'Long Land Pattern' musket, 1722-1768

Caption: British 'Long Land Pattern' musket, 1722-1768

This section illustrates a selection of firearms and bladed weapons used by British and Canadian military units during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Additional Images

British swords:  1796 pattern infantry officer's sword (hilt to left);  18th-century infantryman's sword (hilt in centre);  1822 pattern officer's sword (hilt to right)
British 'Short Land Pattern' musket, 1768-1797
British Sea Service smoothbore flintlock pistol, circa 1790
British brass six-pounder field gun on block-trail carriage, 1793-1860
Typical British field artillery of the War of 1812 - brass six-pounder field gun
Elevating screw, brass six-pounder gun, 1793-1860
Iron 24-pounder iron guns mounted on wooden garrison carriages
British field artillery limber at the time of the War of 1812
Plan of a British artillery gun sled, circa 1801
British swords:  trooper's 1796 pattern light cavalry sword (behind);  1803 pattern infantry officer's sabre (in front)
British 'India Pattern' musket, 1797-1839
Presentation sword and scabbard
British Brunswick percussion lock rifled musket, with sword-bayonet,  1838-1854
British model 1842 percussion lock musket, 1842-1853
Colt .44 caliber model 1851 Holster Pistol, 1851-1861
British model 1853 Enfield rifled musket, 1853-1866
British Westley-Richards breech­loading rifle, used by the Montreal Militia in 1867
American model 1865 Spencer breech-loading carbine