The King's Soldiers

An Era Of Progress

The dispatch of the Carignan-Salières Regiment brought an era of peace to the French colony in North America, which it had despaired of ever seeing again, and gave a strong impetus to colonization. As a result, this period was one of the most decisive in the history of New France. The dismissal of the soldiers weakened the colony's defences but gave rise to another royal initiative which proved just as beneficial: the founding of a Canadian militia. These steps provided a solid base for initial forays to the west and south and for the realization of a dream as vast in scope as America itself: the creation of a great French empire. However, French control over access to the continent via the St. Lawrence remained weak, especially in Acadia and Newfoundland. Furthermore, another enemy besides the Iroquois was looming on the horizon: the British colonies, already well-populated and increasingly aggressive.