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Canada and NATO

Type: Document

This article explains the history of the Cold War era of NATO, the Warsaw Pact. It focuses on Canada's role during this era. Includes a list of suggested readings.

Site: Canadian War Museum

Nuclear Age and the Cold War - National Security and Defence

Type: DocumentFilm and Video

Listing of films from the National Film Board. The evolution of nuclear fear in Canada is documented in this collection. Beginning with rumours of communist spies, continuing with fear of nuclear attack, and finally today with testing of nuclear weapons in our northern provinces by the United States.

Site: National Film Board of Canada

Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada: Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada Receives World Heritage Site Designation!: Lesson Plan

Type: Document

Students are provided with information on the Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada, to understand why it has recently received designation as a world heritage site

Site: Parks Canada

Lockheed CP-140 Aurora long-range patrol aircraft, 407 Maritime Patrol Squadron, Canadian Forces, 1985

Type: Image

The CP-140 Aurora has been used for submarine detection since 1981. (Canadian Department of National Defence, 85-150)

Site: National Defence

Chapter 7 - Toward a new World (Dis)Order 1989 - ?

Type: Document

The dissolution of world communism which began in 1989 signaled an era in which the United Nations might act as the world's great arbiter of international conflict. To this aim UN peacekeeping operations continued to be a major occupation of Canada's armed forces and the role of military observation depended on effective signals intelligence, in which Canada was a world leader.

Site: National Defence

Canada's Secret War: Vietnam

Type: DocumentFilm and Video

Vietnam may have been America's war but Canada was heavily involved — for and against. Canada harboured American draft dodgers and helped supervise ceasefires. But at the same time, about 30,000 Canadians volunteered to fight in southeast Asia. And there was Canada's involvement in secret missions, weapons testing and arms production. The CBC Archives looks at Canada's role in the Vietnam War.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Chapter 6 - The Cold War Period and United Nations Service 1946 - 1989

Type: Document

The decades of the "Cold War" were a time of dynamic change in the world order and the role of the Canadian Signals forces expanded and evolved significantly to adapt to various new challenges.

Site: National Defence

Peacekeepers and Peacemakers: Canada's Diplomatic Contribution

Type: DocumentFilm and VideoSound

A look at Canada's history of diplomacy and peacekeeping, including Canadian involvement in human rights issues, nuclear disarmament and the International Criminal Court.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Peacekeeping Operations

Type: Interactive Resource

Series of maps illustrate Canadian peacekeeping missions throughout the world from 1948 to present day.

Site: National Defence