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Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
Armed Forces
Strategy and Tactics
Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
Politics and Society

2000: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2000: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2000: Armed Forces
2000: Strategy and Tactics
2000: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2000: Politics and Society
2001: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2001: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2001: Armed Forces
2001: Strategy and Tactics
2001: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2001: Politics and Society
2002: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2002: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2002: Armed Forces
2002: Strategy and Tactics
2002: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2002: Politics and Society
2003: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2003: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2003: Armed Forces
2003: Strategy and Tactics
2003: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2003: Politics and Society
2004: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2004: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2004: Armed Forces
2004: Strategy and Tactics
2004: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2004: Politics and Society
2005: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2005: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2005: Armed Forces
2005: Strategy and Tactics
2005: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2005: Politics and Society
2006: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2006: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2006: Armed Forces
2006: Strategy and Tactics
2006: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2006: Politics and Society
2007: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2007: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2007: Armed Forces
2007: Strategy and Tactics
2007: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2007: Politics and Society
2008: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2008: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2008: Armed Forces
2008: Strategy and Tactics
2008: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2008: Politics and Society
2009: Soldiers, Warriors and Leaders
2009: Wars, Battles, and Conflicts
2009: Armed Forces
2009: Strategy and Tactics
2009: Weapons, Equipment and Fortifications
2009: Politics and Society

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Parks Canada News Releases and Backgrounders

Type: Document

There are 1125 news releases as of May 6-09, with associated backgrounders. Search by keyword.

Site: Parks Canada

Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada: Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada Receives World Heritage Site Designation!: Lesson Plan

Type: Document

Students are provided with information on the Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada, to understand why it has recently received designation as a world heritage site

Site: Parks Canada

Parks Canada National Photo Collection

Type: Image

This impressive photo collection gives you a chance to see more than 40 000 beautiful images of Canada's national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas. Search by keyword, type of heritage area, province or territory, name of heritage area.

Site: Parks Canada

Past Operations - Canadian Armed Forces

Type: Document

A list of past operational missions on which Canadian soldiers, sailors and Air Force personnel have been deployed. Includes links to more information about these missions.

Site: National Defence

Programmes and Activities - Canadian War Museum

Type: Document

Various programmes and activities at the Canadian War Museum are presented, including special events, film series, speakers series, school programmes, teachers' activity kits, and the Canadian War Museum History Award.

Site: Canadian War Museum

Peacekeeping Operations

Type: Interactive Resource

Series of maps illustrate Canadian peacekeeping missions throughout the world from 1948 to present day.

Site: National Defence